• Consequences Of Not Studying God's Word God's Way (Rightly Divided) May 21, 2018.mp337:32

Pastor Timothy D. Roberson
Phone Number: (734) 968-2906 

 “That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.” 1st Corinthians 2:5 KJV

There is now a Bible Study Class/Phone Conference Ministry that we respectfully suggest you listen to if you choose and also tell your friends, family and acquaintances about this Bible class so that they can listen too in the comfort of their own homes, cars, at the hospital, and anywhere else and any time!!! You can also call and ask questions and make comments during the live phone ministry conference or you can call and/or e-mail Pastor Roberson privately to ask your questions and share your concerns and comments.

2nd Timothy 2:2 
"And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also."

By The Grace Of God Home Bible Study
 Sunday Morning Studies at 9:30 a.m.

E-mail: troberson@gracehomebiblestudy.org

Website: www.gracehomebiblestudy.org

Studying God's Word/God's Way (Rightly Divided)
Pastor Timothy D. Roberson

Monday Nights 7:00 p.m. (Central) and 8:00 p.m. (Eastern)


(712) 770-5597

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*PLAYBACK NUMBER: (712) 770-5596

Participant Access Code:  After dialing the number, please be sure to type in/dial the following code of 585817#

***You can call the playback number immediately after the live recorded message and listen to the message again or for the first time at your convenience until the next Monday afternoon.

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” II Timothy 2:15 KJV

  • The Importance Of Sound Doctrine (Part 1).mp329:43
  • The Importance Of Sound Doctrine (Part 2).mp324:19

  • The False Teaching Of Pleading The Blood July 25,2016.mp323:17
  • Blood of Christ (August 1, 2016).mp329:26
  • Blood of Christ 8-8-16.mp328:07
  • Blood Of Christ 8-15-16 Why A Virgin Birth.mp327:39
  • The Trinity In The Work Of Jesus' Birth And Salvation 8/29/16.mp328:10
  • Holy Spirit In The Work Of Salvation, Sept 12, 2016.mp333:43
  • What The Blood Of Jesus Christ Accomplished-Conclusion 9-21-16.mp329:21

  • Are You Following God or Man?49:36
  • Why Are You Observing Lent?55:36

  • Dealing With Depression, Anxiety, And Infirmities Through The Word Of God.mp331:21
  • A Desire To Study God's Word 2-11-19.mp319:37
  • Fight The Good Fight Of Faith 2-18-19.mp333:35
  • God's Word Is Totally Sufficient For All Our Needs 2-25-19.mp323:51
  • God's Grace Is Totally Sufficient For Our Needs 3-18-19.mp326:31
  • Jesus And The Woman Caught In Adultery 4-8-19.mp331:01
  • Jesus And The Woman Caught In Adultery 4-15-19.mp332:11
  • How To Comfort Others 4-22-19.mp333:50
  • Loving Our Enemies 5-6-19.mp329:53
  • Walking In The Spirit 5-13-19.mp331:19
  • Walking In The Spirit 5-20-19.mp327:26

  • Strongholds55:30

  • Where Will You Spend Eternity, July 3, 2016.mp331:01
  • It's Going To Be Just Like He Said, Judgments To Come, July 3, 2016.mp324:16

Phone Ministry Bible Study Page

  • Around The Word Of God Saints And In The Word Of God Saints30:00

  • No Condemnation In Christ Jesus 4/17/17.mp321:24
  • Doers Of The Word And A Workman That Needeth Not To Be Ashamed 5-1-17.mp330:11
  • Where Will You Spend Eternity And God's Grace 5-8-17.mp320:20
  • Embracing God's Word And Walking In It 5-15-17.mp327:15
  • Counting It All Loss 5-22-17.mp331:53
  • Counting It All Loss 6-5-17.mp329:03
  • Counting It All Loss 6-12-17.mp334:32
  • Counting It All Loss 6-19-17.mp330:11
  • Religion And Religious Folks 6-26-17.mp337:53
  • Counting It All Loss 7-10-17.mp332:14
  • Gaining The World And Losing Your Eternal Soul 7-17-17.mp328:32
  • Counting It All Loss 7-31-17.mp328:20
  • Doing It Our Way Instead Of God's Way 8-07-17.mp334:15
  • Stop Being Children In Understanding 8-14-17.mp334:30

  • Choosing Abram (Abraham) May 7, 2018.mp336:50
  • Abram 5-14-18.mp333:15

By The Grace Of God Home Bible Study



  • Stop Test Driving Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Fiance/Fiancee, and Future Husband/Wife 1/30/1733:46
  • Stop Test Driving Your Boyfriend And Girfriend And Future Husband And Wife 2-6-17.mp331:20
  • Stop Test Driving Your Boyfriend And Girfriend And Future Husband And Wife 2-13-17.mp330:22
  • Stop Test Driving Your Boyfriend And Girfriend And Future Husband And Wife 2-20-17.mp330:19
  • Stop Test Driving Your Boyfriend And Girfriend And Future Husband And Wife 2-27-17.mp331:44
  • Qualities Of A Godly Man 3-6-17.mp337:14
  • Truthful And Honest Marriage Counseling Session 3-13-17.mp335:08
  • Wrong Foundation For Marriage, Bachelor And Bachelorette Parties.mp329:35
  • Wrong Foundation Clubs 3-27-17.mp328:32
  • Do Not Conform To This World 4-3-17.mp329:08

  • Be Instant Christians And Ready To Act.mp322:38

  • The Gospel Of The Grace God Is The Answer Not Man And The Affairs Of This Life (3/26/18).mp333:05

  • Becoming More Like Christ 12-3-2018.mp337:44
  • Becoming More Like Christ 12-10-18.mp323:28
  • God's Grace 12-17-18.mp328:24
  • God's Grace 1-7-19.mp324:48
  • Faith In The Wrong Program 1-14-19.mp330:57
  • God Spared Not His Own Son 1-21-19.mp325:54

  • 6-4-18 From The Minister's Desk-Come Out From Among Them And Be Ye Seperate -The Calling Of Abram.mp337:45
  • 6-11-18 The Importance Of Right Division.mp327:03
  • Calling Of Abram (God Is Faithful) 6-18-18.mp324:57
  • From The Minister's Desk (Stay Focused To The Task At Hand) The Message-The Calling Of Abram (God Is Faithful) 6-25-18.mp326:32
  • Knowing The Enemy 7:9:2018.mp324:41
  • Godly Edification And The Persistence Of The Enemy 7-16-2018.mp333:21
  • Godly Edification And Design To Go From Milk To Meat 7-23-2018.mp334:18
  • Godly Edification And Design To Go From Milk To Meat Continue Part II 7-30-2018.mp333:42
  • Persistence Of The Enemy (August 13, 2018).mp336:52
  • Are You Disciplined (September 10, 2018).mp331:47
  • The Power Of Jesus Christ And Him Crucified 9-24-18.mp332:30
  • Enemies Of The Cross 10-1-18.mp342:15
  • Enemies of the Cross II 10-8-18.mp338:00
  • Enemies of the CrossII Part 3 10-15-18.mp329:37
  • Battle On The Cross 10-22-18.mp325:56
  • It Is Finished 10-29-18.mp331:32
  • Disobedience Has Consequences 11-19-18.mp327:16

  • Why Paul? (Part 1)56:38
  • Why Paul? (Part 2)1:00:00
  • Why Paul? (Part 3)57:43
  • Why Paul? (Part 4)55:47
  • Why Paul? (Part 5)1:00:00
  • Why Paul? (Part 6)29:04

  • Properly Handling the Word of Truth (9/20/17).mp335:01
  • Mishandling of God's Word 10-9-17.mp331:54
  • Properly Handling The Word of Truth (Part 2 on 10-16-2017).mp331:47
  • Properly Handling The Word of Truth 10-23-17.mp341:38
  • Properly Handling The Word of Truth 10-30-17.mp335:42
  • Traditions and Commandments of Men.mp334:35
  • Consequences of Not Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth (November 13, 2017).mp330:33
  • How Does Satan Come at God's Word (November 27, 2017).mp326:18
  • Self Examination 12-4-17.mp320:38
  • Understanding Right Division 12-18-17.mp331:45
  • Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth (2-12-18).mp335:44
  • Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth (2-19-18).mp338:50
  • Scattering of The Nations (Gentiles) 2-26-18.mp336:36
  • Scattering of The Nations (Gentiles) Genesis 11 and Romans 1.18-32 (3-5-18).mp336:43
  • Seriousness Of Context When Studying The Word of Truth ( Rightly Divided) 3/19/18.mp333:19
  • Scattering Of The Nations (Gentiles) Genesis 11 and Romans 1 April 9, 2018.mp336:20

  • Warnings Against False Doctrines(Itching Ears).mp327:20
  • Warnings About Itching Ears(Cont).mp326:17
  • Contagious Disease Itching Ears.mp325:34
  • Warning About Itching Ears July 11, 2016.mp327:27
  • Warning Itching Ears Conclusion July 18, 2016.mp327:16

  • Spirit Of Fear 9-19-16.mp339:52
  • Spirit of Fear 9-26-16.mp332:50
  • Understanding the spirit 10-3-16.mp331:56
  • Fear Of Failure October 17, 2016.mp327:36
  • Understanding the spirit and Holy Spirit 10-24-16.mp331:41
  • Understanding the spirit and Holy Spirit 10-31-16.mp333:12
  • Spirit, Soul, And Body 11-7-16.mp334:54
  • Spirit of Fear 11-14-16.mp323:58
  • Spirit of Fear 11-21-16.mp331:28
  • Spirit of Fear 11-28-16.mp328:41
  • Spirit of Fear and Worrying 12-5-16.mp328:15
  • Spiritual Growth 12-12-16.mp321:51
  • Spirtual Growth 12-19-16 Shun Vain Babblings.mp323:19
  • Conclusion On Spirit Of Fear 12-26-16.mp326:21

  • The Gift of Suffering 1/8/18.mp334:38
  • The Gift Of Suffering And Doctrine In Our Inner Man.mp330:43
  • Rejoice in Suffering January 22, 2018.mp333:36